Keep Secret Santa a Secret.

Let’s try something different this year. Secret Santa is a fun and festive way to surprise the person you are giving a gift to, but it is time to change it up. This year, let’s keep Secret Santa a secret... No reveal is needed. No guessing is involved. It’s white elephant and Secret Santa twisted times two. Our florists at Flowerama Cedar Falls in Cedar Falls, IA, are here to help you pay it forward for this year’s Secret Santa Secret Edition.

The beautiful Holiday Charm Bouquet flower arrangement is one of many great Secret Santa gifts to send someone this Christmas. Send someone a Secret Santa gift anonymously and watch their year get made. It is the simple things in life that mean the most. We want to help you make that impact this holiday season with Secret Santa gifts that can remain a secret.

From the moment you pick out that perfect gift for someone you love, you are ready to give it to them. You just want to see how they react and if it is as perfect as you thought it was. Secret Santa gifts are no exception. Drawing the name and thinking of a creative gift that is within the spending cap is all a part of the fun. Secret Santa gifts are a great opportunity to share in the fun of the season without all the credit. Keeping Secret Santa gifts secret makes the art of it all more special.

Secret Santa gifts can be brought out into the public. Carry Secret Santa holiday gift bags in your car. Put some treats, toiletries, a blanket, a toothbrush and the options continue. Use these Secret Santa holiday gift bags as an opportunity to help the homeless. When you see someone in need, you will be prepared with Secret Santa holiday gift bags that will bless them when it is needed most. 

Keeping a secret isn’t easy, especially when you are excited about. Consider it a challenge this holiday season to keep your Secret Santa gifts a secret. Do something for someone who can never repay you. Life is about helping others and doing good beyond the holidays and into our everyday lives. Surprise someone that will make this holiday season brighter and live out the task of paying it forward. Our florists at Flowerama Cedar Falls in Cedar Falls, IA, wish you a happy holiday season and encourage you to keep Secret Santa a secret.

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