How to Put Together the Perfect Valentines Day Gift Basket

A rose is a common symbol of love and is frequently given to someone on Valentine’s Day to show the expression of this emotion, however, the secret lies in finding a unique rose that will stand out and make the person you love feel special.


Fresh Flower Bouquets

Roses themselves are a symbol of love and affection and commonly red roses are given to a loved one. However, a simple rose bouquet might be overplayed, maybe you would like to go for something more intricate! So, why not put together a unique Valentine’s Day basket? The options are endless, and pairing a valentine’s basket with a beautiful flower arrangement will definitely make a statement.

Of course, you should always start off with some fresh flowers. Beautiful roses are the staple of any sort of Valentine’s Day gift. You can buy 100 roses if you really want to make a massive impression. You do not have to go for red roses either; you can try out different colors. You have everything from white, which is associated with purity, to yellow and pink. The options are endless. The best thing to do is find a great florist and let them create a bouquet that is unique for you. You are in luck, here at Flowerama Cedar Falls we serve our local Cedar Falls, IA community with a wide variety of fresh flower arrangements and gifts!

In addition to flowers, a large stuffed animal is something that always looks impressive when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Plus, if all women are honest, they all want their partner to get them a large cuddly bear at some point. Your other half will have something to cuddle into if you are away for a business trip or on holiday with your friends.

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

There are plenty of other things you can add to your Valentine’s Day basket as well. This includes jewelry, as well as chocolate. Take some time to look online and we are sure that you will get plenty of inspiration that you can use for your special basket for your other half. The fact that you have gone to all of this effort will make your partner feel loved, and isn’t that what the day is all about?

Long-Lasting Flowers

As well as getting some fresh roses, you may want to look into the prospect of buying a plated rose for your loved one. This is a flower that is going to last forever, which makes it a very special gift. What makes a plated rose a unique rose is that it lasts forever. This is great because not only is it a present that lasts a lifetime but it also signifies the extent of love felt towards the person you are giving the plated rose to; it shows that you want your love to last a lifetime. A plated rose is created by using a real rose so it still carries the same elements and significance as a fresh rose does.

This type of unique rose is freshly cut and especially hand-picked to ensure that they are of the best quality possible. Only those roses with full petals, a straight stem, and a stunning overall image will then be made into a plated rose. After they have been selected, they are then covered in lacquer, which is used to both protect and preserve the natural rose, they can then be painted in an array of stunning colors.

A unique plated rose will look beautiful in any room, it will add a sense of richness and character and will be instantly notified as soon as anyone enters. You can rest assured that the person you buy the gift for will absolutely love it and when they look at the plated rose it will be a constant reminder of the love that is shared.

There you have it; a complete guide to making your Valentine’s Day one to remember! Creating a Valentine’s Day gift basket and pairing it with a fresh rose bouquet is a unique gift that will surely be remembered! Don’t forget to ask your local florist for their expert opinion on Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts, there is always something extra special that you can include in our Valentine’s Day gift basket!

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